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Mobile Tantra Massage Barcelona

Updated: Sep 5

Tashi delivers Barcelona's best mobile luxury massage therapy directly to your home or hotel. Get ready to receive a serious pampering tantra massage in the privacy of your own hotel room.

Tashi is a Tantra massage Therapist that offers you to book the best massage therapy service for your home or hotel. Experienced and professional, Tashi offers a unique massage experience that will make you feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated

Tashi will erase all the tension from your body, mind and soul- leaving you with a new feeling of energy. Tashi offers five-star mobile tantra massage service in Barcelona for clients at their homes and hotels. Tashi has mastered the art of massage and will strive to create a personalised and private experience. Clients will surely feel safe and a feeling of wellbeing.

Mobile Tantra Massage Barcelona is easy to book. Please simply, give Tashi a call or send her an email. Her goal is to be with you within a few hours. Her operation hours are from Noon to Midnight.

The Best Mobile Tantra Massage in Barcelona!

Here’s why you should book a mobile tantra massage in Barcelona with Tashi

Think about your day- your meetings, the traffic, the travelling. Are you in discomfort, do your shoulders need a good rub? Are you a little anxious or stressed out? Are you only thinking about all the work you must do but at the same time you just need to relax? Tashi is a great little break to your day.

Tashi is a trained Tantra Professional

Tashi has trained with masters from Tibet and India for over 8 years. You can ask her about her daily tantric practice that consists of meditation, prayers and yoga. On top of this, she has been working for a decade in the city centre of Berlin giving mobile tantra massage to the upscale hotels.

Massage can relieve and reduce stress

Tashi’s massage works along your energy lines, relaxes your nervous system, your muscles and most importantly your mind. She can also teach you some gentle breathing and yoga stretches (even for beginners!) that you can take with you. Sessions 90 minutes or longer can send to you bliss land! The longer the better. Give yourself this gift to get a tantra massage by Tashi!

Receiving a mobile tantra massage can improve your Mood

Modern life is hectic and it’s difficult nowadays to find life/work balance and even more when you are travelling! A massage releases so many natural endorphins and being cared for lets your heart feel at ease. Turning off your brain from nagging thoughts and getting into a meditative state during the tantra massage has its benefits for days. You will think clearer, be more relaxed and confident!

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